Military Homecomings: Returning to the "Normal" We Take For Granted | Metro Detroit Documentary Family Photographer

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'll say it bluntly: "Normal" is the most beautiful thing. Ever. 

So don't discount your life. Don't think for one second that your story is one that's not worthy of being told, because it is. It's the details of you and your loved ones that make your story special, just like it's the details of this deployment and military homecoming that make it special for them.

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Keeping Grandma Alive | Metro Detroit Documentary Family Photographer

As I stood to the side documenting this, I remembered all of the things my husband has shared with me that he loves and remembers from baking these with his mom. My heart swelled as I witnessed him do those same things with our girls...

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Chocolate Bittersweets | Metro Detroit Documentary Photographer

But for my husband, baking the Chocolate Bittersweets was, and is, more than just something done annually at Christmastime; it's an emotional experience for him. While mixing ingredients, rolling the cookies into little balls, pressing his thumb, adding the filling, melting chocolate...he is remembering his mom. He remembers her encouraging words as his 8-year-old self clumsily mixed the powdered sugar and cream cheese, her smile when he licked the beaters, and how happy she was to share in such a tradition with him. 

And he feels. He feels joy, nostalgia, heartache. He longs to have her beside him as he bakes at the same time as he is grateful she created this wonderful memory for him.

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Gaining Perspective: Newborn Session | Metro Detroit Documentary Family Photographer

That photograph, and others like it, are what change your perspective. There is no filter, no facade. There is authenticity, truth, and sincerity. There is proof that you aren't normal, or bland, or just-the-average-American-family-doing-boring-things-on-Saturdays. There is a story--your story--and there are a million reasons you should tell it. Gaining perspective on how amazing that story is is just one of them.

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The "Us" Before Baby: Maternity Session | Metro Detroit Documentary Family Photographer

Even after your sweet baby arrives, and those hearts begin to grow, and your world begins to change, and everything is so different, one thing will be the same: you two, the two responsible for it all, you'll be in it together.


Do you feel the power in that word?

Document that power. Record the portion of your story that showcases the roots of your family. Tell the story of your family's foundation. Because without that foundation, you wouldn't be who you are right now. 

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The Evolution of Husband and Wife: Newborn Session | Metro Detroit Documentary Photographer

It is truly incredible how, despite not having a rulebook or any idea what it actually takes to be a mother or a father, we dive into our new roles and we it. And we do it well, because we all do it with our hearts.

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