Don't Forget | Metro Detroit Documentary Photographer

In taking all of these photographs, I realized that these ordinary moments are what make our family tick. They're who we are. They're a part of our story. 

The ordinary moments in your life are no different. Like these photos, those moments each tell their own story individually, but collectively they tell a masterpiece of a story...your story.

Whatever stage of life you're in, whatever your story consists of, it's worth remembering.  

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Military Homecomings: Returning to the "Normal" We Take For Granted | Metro Detroit Documentary Family Photographer

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'll say it bluntly: "Normal" is the most beautiful thing. Ever. 

So don't discount your life. Don't think for one second that your story is one that's not worthy of being told, because it is. It's the details of you and your loved ones that make your story special, just like it's the details of this deployment and military homecoming that make it special for them.

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Keeping Grandma Alive | Metro Detroit Documentary Family Photographer

As I stood to the side documenting this, I remembered all of the things my husband has shared with me that he loves and remembers from baking these with his mom. My heart swelled as I witnessed him do those same things with our girls...

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