Influenza: 0, Us: 1 - Fresh 48 Session | Metro Detroit Documentary Photographer

I don't think I've ever met anyone who is fond of influenza or any of its baggage. Sometimes, like this year, it brings extra tricks in its bag, like hospital restrictions. 

Although such restrictions are put in place to protect us, they can put a damper on things...such as a Fresh 48 session. 

We had the whole thing planned out, and it was going to be perfect. I'd arrive at the hospital just a few hours after the baby was born, photograph Mom and Dad with baby for a while, and then big brother and sister would show up to meet their new baby sibling for the first time. 

That moment was to be the climax of the story. For weeks up to baby's arrival, big brother and sister grew increasingly more excited to find out if their baby sibling would be a boy or a girl. 

So when we found out that the hospital where mom would deliver wasn't allowing visitors under the age of thirteen, we were a little crushed.


Thankfully, Mom is pragmatic and flexible and presented the greatest solution possible:

A FaceTime gender reveal.

Newborn baby in hospital bassinet
Mom holds newborn baby in hospital while Dad calls to announce birth
Mom and Dad FaceTime kids while in hospital
Parents FaceTime children in hospital with newborn
Mom and dad hold newborn in hospital bed

Lincoln, welcome to the family. You were adored before they ever knew you, and you'll be adored always.