Don't Forget | Metro Detroit Documentary Photographer

The entire reason I began photographing my children was so I wouldn't forget.

I didn't want to forget the love my oldest had for her oveja (the sheep) and her manta (the blanket), nor the fact that they accompanied her everywhere she went.

Girl puts harness and leash on dog

I didn't want to forget what it looked like when my girls sat at the window, watching jets from the base fly overhead.

Girls sit in window of bedroom looking outside

I wanted to remember how it felt to watch my husband and our oldest sing together (which was actually a front row seat to their love).

Dad and daughter sing with toy microphones in sunshine

I wanted to remember this view, of my Airman walking with our youngest out to the car after an impromptu visit to his office.

Baby and Airman walk on sidewalk

I wanted (and needed!) to have a visual reminder that amidst the chaos and despite the imperfections, love thrived in our home.

Big sister kisses little sister's head

I didn't want to forget my youngest's sweet chubby wrists, nor her curiosity during this stage of life.

Baby crawling on floor, looking up

I didn't want to forget small details of our life in Germany, like fleischwurst at every trip to Rewe and pretzels at the local bakery.

And I didn't want to forget what it felt like to be their mama.

Mom with daughters on ferris wheel smiling

Life with my daughters at the time these photos were taken was incredible, sweet, and short. I found such beauty in the normalcy of our life that I couldn't let escape my memory. I wanted, and at times needed, documentation of it. 

So I took pictures. Lots of them. And I haven't stopped, really. Although our life is different now, it's still incredible, sweet, and short. I still don't want the beauty of these days to escape my memory.

In taking all of these photographs, I realized that these ordinary moments are what make our family tick. They're who we are. They're a part of our story. 


The ordinary moments in your life are no different. Like these photos, those moments each tell their own story individually, but collectively they tell a masterpiece of a story...your story.

Whatever stage of life you're in, whatever your story consists of, it's worth remembering.  

And I don't want you to forget it.