Becoming Four : Fresh 48 Session | Metro Detroit Documentary Photographer

"After giving birth, your mind is a fog."

(Wise words from the radiant momma photographed below).

Fellow mommas out there, I know you're nodding along with me.

Soon-to-be mommas, trust us: it's true.


There is so much going on in the first days after your baby is born. You're in a whole new emotional realm, enamored with a tiny human and enthralled by everything he is about. You're tired because you're taking care of your new love around the clock. And you're adjusting to this new normal, a normal that you've never walked through before but are anxious to navigate.

And in the midst of all that newness, there is the thing that put you in this situation to begin with: love.


When you see the look of awe in your husband's eyes as he gazes at your new son, when you tug the striped cap from the hospital off to admire the soft hair underneath, when your daughter sees her baby brother for the first time, when you become four, you'll want to record every single detail in your memory. 

Because each of those moments, and all of the other little ones in between, are invaluable.

Mom covers baby in hospital bassinett
Wife admires husband holding their new son
Mom looks at newborn, swaddled in Dad's arms on couch in hospital room
Mom and Dad look down at newborn baby; Mom touches baby's face
Mom holds daughter in hospital room chair
Girl sees baby brother for first time
Mom fixes daughter's hair while Dad holds newborn son.
Girl plays with nose bulb syringe while Mom nurses newborn baby
Mom nurses newborn son in hospital room

I am here to help you write the story of when you became a family, of when you welcomed your first or second or third or sixth child, of when your heart grew so much that you could hardly handle it. I am here so those details that you want to record in your memory, the ones you wish to relive time and time again, are preserved indefinitely. In what is arguably one of the most significant live events you'll ever experience, I am here. <3