A Daddy-Daughter Date | Metro Detroit Documentary Photographer

I wore this dress when I was a little girl. I think I wore it for Christmas one year, and my mom says that it was one of my favorites. Because I'm a sucker for heirlooms, it touched the innermost part of my heart when my daughter said it was one of her favorites, too.

Black and white lace dress on bed

The first time she wore it was to an event we had waited a few years for her to attend: a Daddy-Daughter Dance. Each year that it was offered at our last duty station, my husband was TDY or we had something planned that conflicted with it. So when her school announced they were hosting one, we got tickets and began planning their "date night."

Documenting this first experience for her meant so much to me, and not just because it touches my heart to witness the relationship between my husband and my daughters. I am a firm believer that our husbands set the example for our children on what a man should be, what a husband should be, and how they deserve to be treated.

So photographing the very moments that show my daughter, now and in the future, what a treasure she is...it was truly an honor.

Tickets to Daddy Daughter Dance
Black and white lace vintage dress sitting on bed
Mom braids daughters hair in bathroom
Girl applies lipstick while looking at herself in mirror
Boutonnière box
Fathers looks in awe upon daughter in doorway
Daughter smiles at corsage as Dad puts it on her wrist

After they left, my youngest and I feasted on some fantastic Mexican food and had our own little in-home date. Admittedly, I was distracted. Inside I was overwhelmed with joy for my oldest daughter, and I imagined all of the things she would excitedly share with me when she got home and in the days to come about her special date with Dada. And, I was overwhelmed with love for my husband for not only doing this with her but for making it so special. 

When she's older, my daughter may very well remember this first "date" she spent with her Dad. And she will get to relive it, seeing just how special the experience truly was for her, and for him.

Dad and daughter snuggle for photo at dance