The "Us" Before Baby: Maternity Session | Metro Detroit Documentary Family Photographer

The foundation of a family is the love between the mother and the father. Before becoming "Mom" and "Dad," you are husband and wife, a man and a woman whose world consists of one another.

The love you have for each other is the reason behind the creation of new life, and is certainly something to be celebrated.

 The "Us" Before Baby is the chapter that prefaces the one that showcases your love for one another in another human being; the one that that love created. Documenting that chapter of your story provides a way to see the roots of your family, and to be reminded of what started it all.

Music accounts for a large part of Spencer and Cameron's "Us." After all, it is how their story began. The first time they hung out, Spencer walked in to Cameron playing the guitar. He handed it over and asked her to play him something. After battling her nerves, she played, and I wholeheartedly believe that during those few minutes is when their love first began. 

Eight years later, they still play together.

Their love for music is something they will undoubtedly share with their children, making it all the more special. But ultimately, music is responsible for them falling in love. It is not just a part of who they each are, but it is a part of every chapter of their story...most importantly, the chapter where their two stories interlaced into one. 

An inevitable portion of The "Us" Before Baby are the preparations for baby's arrival. The quiet moments, when toys are organized; when clothing is folded, hung, and put into drawers; when necessities are sorted; when furniture is assembled, those moments speak the loudest.

Each preparation is carried through by hearts filled with anticipation.

As each piece is examined before determining its place, parents are overcome with excitement. Dreams of what their baby will be like, look like, and who he will grow to be dance in Mom's head. Visions of games of catch, fishing trips, and coaching teams flash through Dad's mind. It is so much more than preparing a nursery; it is anticipating the awaiting adventure with an indescribable level of elation.

My favorite thing about this session was something that happened on a whim; Spencer pulled out a baby book when we were in the nursery, and they decided to begin writing in it. The closing to the session, there is such symbolism in this activity; in the final chapter of their lives as Spencer and Cameron, they began the chapter of Oliver.

Everyone's "Us" Before Baby differs. I, for one, would clear a room QUICKLY if I tried to play guitar. But regardless of what that "Us" consists of, the bottom line of it is the togetherness. Together, you fell in love. Together, you created new life. And together, you prepare for that new life. 

And that new life? It's about to change your world as you know it. All for the better, I assure you, as your heart will grow in ways you didn't know possible. Even after your sweet baby arrives, and those hearts begin to grow, and your world begins to change, and everything is so different, one thing will be the same: you two, the two responsible for it all, you'll be in it together.


Do you feel the power in that word?

Document that power. Record the portion of your story that showcases the roots of your family. Tell the story of your family's foundation. Because without that foundation, you wouldn't be who you are right now.